Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults

January 24, 2010

Attention Deficit Disorder is a collection of symptoms usually thought about in terms of children who are struggling in school, children who seem impulsive, easily distracted and fidgety. Increasingly, children are getting a diagnosis, and then one of their parents becomes shocked to realize that their child’s symptoms are the same as his or her own from childhood. Instead of being diagnosed with ADD and benefiting from treatment, this earlier generation was told they were difficult kids, losers, dumb or simply bad. Sadly, many of them/you grew up believing that all of that was true, and it shattered your self-esteem and became a self-fulfilling prophecy as you struggled with underachieving at work and having difficulty in relationships.

But the diagnosis in children has liberated some adults to go back to find out if what they thought was simply being a difficult person was really ADD.

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