Sex After 50

Who, you may ask, is having sex after 50, after 60, after 70? The answer is…plenty of people.It is true that as one ages there are issues that come up, both physical and psychological, that can put a real crimp in your sex life. In fact, a third of people post 50 report having real sexual problems that range from erectile dysfunction to loss of libido. But, that also means that 75% of people are not reporting a problem.

As age goes up, so do medical problems and use of medications, both of which can interfere with sexual functioning. Many couples kind of give up once they don’t feel like it or sex is fraught with some failure or disappointment. Once a couple throws in the towel, it is highly unlikely they will get back to sex. The point being that a problem should be addressed as soon as it arises. Sometimes hormone replacement is needed or a medical problem addressed or medication changed, and certainly above all there needs to be discussion about improving the sex and trying new things to see what might work.

Many couples, however, report the best sex they have ever had after 50. Both men and women may become more comfortable with their bodies, know what works best for each other, and feel generally less inhibited. They don’t have to worry about pregnancy and birth control–though they should continue protected sex unless this is their longterm, STD free and monogamous partner.

While there are certainly more challenges to sex after menopause and with advancing age, the idea that there is no great sex then is a myth. If you are experiencing difficulty, see your doctor to check medical issues and hormone levels.

Remember that this time requires more communication and openness, but there is much to be gained!


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