Don’t Judge a Man By His Chin

Does a man’s facial features change the way women see his personality? According to a study out of University of Michigan published in the Journal of Personal Relationships it does.

When a man has a more prominent brow ridge, thinner lips and a more prominent jaw (all “masculine characteristics” that are a result of higher testosterone levels during puberty), a woman is more likely to judge him as being more assertive, more competitive and more willing to spend more time on “mating” as a priority. In other words, women see him as a highly attractive short-term bet — good sex material, but not good parenting and husband material. This is because they also think he is more likely to cheat and abandon the relationship and less likely to be a good nurturer.

When it came to picking a potential long-term mate and someone with whom to have children, women in the study choose men with softer, rounder features. They thought these men would be the warm, nurturing, loyal type. Remember, this is not what actually happens, this is just women’s perception of men.

So, why does it matter? Because you may be feeling jealous of your alpha male unconsciously from physical cues and not from anything real. But if you guard him jealously all the time, you may drive him away. In other words, your perception of a man based solely on his physical appearance may impact your relationship unfairly. So the old saying is true — don’t judge a book by its cover.


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